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5 Reasons Why the Ryder Cup is the Greatest Sports Event You’ll Ever Attend

October 16, 2018
Ryder Cup

1. Amazing Drama, Tension and Pressure to Perform

When players represent for something greater than themselves, the pressure to perform is amplified.  Add in boisterous crowds and challenging course layouts and the shots that seemed so easy at say, The John Deere Classic in Illinois, suddenly become much more difficult. The Ryder Cup gives spectators a chance to see how the greatest golfers in the world either deliver or fold under immense pressure and scrutiny. You can throw out the No. 1 rankings and PGA Tour stats in the Ryder Cup because the  tension makes it an even playing field for both teams.

2. Electricity and Buzz Created by Massive Crowds

More than 270,000 people attended the Ryder Cup in Paris at Le Golf National. The 6,500-seat grandstand at the first tee was the largest ever in the history of the Ryder Cup. Forget the polite golf claps, the atmosphere at the Ryder Cup is more like a Premier League soccer game accented by the color and pageantry of a college football game. It’s flat-out fun and gives golf fans a chance to let loose and cheer unabashedly for their team. While the Masters is known for its thunderous cheers on the back nine on Sunday, the booming roars when a Ryder Cupper sinks an important putt or clinches a match are absolutely spine-tingling.

3. A Place to Showcase Your Patriotism

Let’s face it, most of us don’t get that many opportunities to display love for our country. The Ryder Cup encourages both sides to show their patriotic colors and cheer as loudly as they want for their team. In recent years, the competition for the best or most outlandish patriotic costume has become almost as fierce as the competition on the other side of the ropes. When you add in the various chants, cheers and songs, the convivial atmosphere is unparalleled in major sports events. Immerse yourself in the pageantry by viewing our Facebook album for the Ryder Cup in Paris.

4. Spectator Friendly Golf Courses

Organizers put lots of thought into the selection of venues for Ryder Cup competition. The courses chosen are typically in spectacular settings, have lots of high risk, high reward shots to create more drama and have mounding and other elements to insure spectators have maximum viewing possibilities. Take a tour of Le Golf National, site of the 2018 Ryder Cup.

5. Brings People Together Through International Competition

While the Olympics and World Cup are phenomenal international competitions, the Ryder Cup exudes a decidedly different appeal. Because of the more intimate nature of the experience on a golf course, spectators can get closer to the participants and also socialize easier with other fans. Golfers around the world have a great respect for each other and that allows them to cheer for their team in a fun, light-hearted way that promotes great sportsmanship between each other in a non-threatening environment.