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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Top 5 Castles You Must See On Your Next Golf Trip to Scotland

September 6, 2013

Scotland is all about playing golf, enjoying a few pints and perhaps a wee dram at the pub, sampling some Haggis and watching football (soccer) on the tele. As you immerse in the engaging Scottish lifestyle, even temporarily, you’ll notice Scottish people are fiercely proud of their heritage and culture. The well preserved castles, statues, monuments and universities throughout this stunningly beautiful country are centuries old and worth a visit once you put the clubs away for the day.

The next time you’re in Scotland playing golf, check out these magnificent castles:

Stirling Castle — With its thick stone walls and amazing architecture, this castle is a fortress. The Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s largest and most historically important structures. Perched atop castle hill, it was built to guard the River Forth. Experience this castle by touring the Royal Palace, Great Hall, Stirling Tapestries, Palace Vaults, Chapel Royal and the Regimental Museum. Stop and see this castle if you’re on your way up to Inverness or traveling from Glasgow to St. Andrews on your golf excursion.

Edinburgh Castle — The mighty Edinburgh castle is one of the most well preserved strongholds in Europe and is an iconic symbol of Scottish heritage. It sits on top of a volcanic rock overlooking the city it once protected years ago. Stroll along the Royal Mile road, which goes straight up to the castle, take a tour or simply admire the phenomenal panoramas possible at this spectacular fortress. If you’re playing golf in the East Lothians, this castle is easily accessible.

Elion Donan Castle — One of the most photographed castles in Scotland, the Elion Donan is a magical place. It sits on a small island overlooking the Isle of Skye with an ancient stone bridge linking it to the mainland. If you’re playing golf in the Highlands and are seeking adventure away from the links, you absolutely must visit this castle. Its 90 minutes from Inverness but well worth the drive.

Culzean Castle — Surrounded by beautiful gardens and fortified stone walls, the Culzean Castle overlooks the Firth of Clyde. Key attractions are the dining room, armory, library, and oval staircase.  This photogenic castle is just down the road from the Turnberry Hotel and Golf resort and is a wonderful place to visit if you’re playing golf in the southwest of Scotland.

Drummond Castle Gardens — If you’re not into the super military fortresses and learning about the cruelty of the middle ages, the Drummond Gardens might be the perfect place for you. The castle itself has a grand design that includes large stone walls and spherical towers. It’s surrounded by immaculate, colorful gardens filled with different types of plants, trees and shrubs. The Drummond Castle Gardens is located near the Gleneagles Hotel and would be a great addition to any golf trip in that region.

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