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Golfer putting the ball into the hole on vacation

10 Items You Must Pack on Your Next Golf Trip

March 27, 2014
  1. Comfortable Golf Shoes (Plural) – Everyone wants to look good on the golf course but don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Avoid wearing those old “clodhopper” golf shoes that Rodney Dangerfield wore in Caddyshack. Bring two pairs of waterproof golf shoes that you would want to walk 18 or 36 holes in. We recommend “Ecco” or “True Linkswear” golf shoes if you’re looking for comfort and style.
  1. Rain Gear – You should always pack at least one waterproof windbreaker even if you’re playing in Spain or Italy. Don’t forget your rain suit when teeing it up in the UK and Ireland. Golf is much harder when the wind is blowing 30mph with a little rain and you aren’t wearing any weather protective gear. With unpredictable weather it’s important to be prepared.
  1. Sturdy Golf Travel Bag – This is one of the most important items you will need for your golf trip. After all, you can’t play good golf if your driver has been broken in two on the plane ride over. We recommend using the “Club Glove” brand.
  1. Golf Gloves (plural) – Blisters and 36 holes a day don’t go well together. Bring an ample supply of golf gloves. Include a pair of weather proof gloves which break rain and keep your hands warm.
  1. Sport Coat – Don’t be the guy that walks into Muirfield’s clubhouse in a golf shirt and jeans. The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers will not, under any circumstances, allow you into their facility without a sport coat and tie. Sport coats are important to have if you’re planning on dining or attending an event at some of the prominent golf clubs in the UK and Ireland.
  1. Handicap/Membership Card – Bring your current handicap/membership cards with a current USGA index. Some clubs ask for these cards and can deny your spot on sight if you don’t have one!
  1. Valid Passport – Remember to check and then double check your passport. You don’t want to show up at the airport ready to go and have a TSA official inform you that your passport expired in 1965. They will not let you leave the country.
  1. Bathing Suit – Why should you bring a bathing suit to the UK and Ireland? Many of the hotels and resorts have world class Spa facilities that you will want to take advantage of after a tough day on the course. We recommend that you bring a bathing suit and a pair of gym shorts so that you can utilizes these wellness centers. You won’t want to forget this if you’re traveling to Spain, France, Italy or Portugal because the beaches are beautiful!
  1. Smart Phone – We live in the 21st century, let’s utilize the technology available to us. Your smart phone can keep you in contact with home, take pictures, follow Premier Golf’s social media sites and access useful travel apps. For more info on travel apps read: Top 8 Travel Apps to Enhance Your Next Golf Trip
  1. Duffle Bag or Backpack (Carry-on) – It’s a long flight over the pond, bring a few magazines and a Slim Jim to keep you occupied while traveling. We encourage clients to bring a backpack to hold these items. This bag is also useful for travel because you can use it to explore great cities, parks or castles you may visit on your trip.