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Top 8 Things You Can See and Do in Dundee, Scotland

May 20, 2014

If you’re going to the Ryder Cup with Premier Golf, chances are, you might not be familiar with the city of Dundee. You probably have many questions, such as: Is there anything to see or do? Are there any good restaurants? Where can I shop?, etc. Dundee, in fact, is a vibrant city with lots of energy, which is attributed to the two large universities located here and a rapidly developing city center. The city has a great mix of excellent restaurants, pubs and bars and exciting sightseeing opportunities. These are the Top 8 things you can see and do in Dundee, Scotland while you’re attending the Ryder Cup:

City Center – Dundee’s two principle cultural venues, the Caird Hall and the Marryat Hall are located in the city center. This area also has a mix of restaurants and a new shopping center called Overgate, which has stores like H&M, French Connection and The Gap and a food court with a Starbucks and Burger King. (click here for website)

Waterfront – With tourism booming and a growing university student population, Dundee is under going a massive transformation by building a multi million dollar Waterfront overlooking the Firth of Tay. Upon completion, this modern waterfront complex will have shopping restaurants, and modern artistic and cultural centers. Some of the project has already been completed and it’s something all visitors should see and experience. (click here for website)

The Law – An extinct volcano formed around 400 million years ago has created a 572-foot peak and is the city’s most distinctive landmark. Visitors can see for miles from the top of the peak. This is the perfect place to take a “Travel Selfie” or just enjoy the beauty of the Scotland countryside.

Castles – If you’re a history buff, Dundee may be your kind of place. There are three castles in the area you should visit: Broughty Castle, built in 1496, it has seen plenty of action surviving countless sieges in its lifetime. Claypotts Castle, built between 1569 & 1588, is still intact and has hardly been altered over the years. Dudhope Castle, built in the 13th century, is located on the southern face of The Law. Today it houses a university business school.

Grosvenor Casino – If you’re feeling lucky, visit the Grosvenor Casino and enjoy some gaming while you’re in town. The Casino is equipped with slots, black jack, roulette, baccarat and more. (click here for website)

University of Dundee – Much like the college in St. Andrews, the University of Dundee is a fantastic place to take a walk and admire the old architecture and history. It’s been voted the number one school in Scotland for the complete student experience. This says a lot about the city of Dundee young and energetic atmosphere. (click here for website)

Dundee Contemporary Arts Center – Visit the Dundee Contemporary Arts Center for a cultural experience. Admire the creative arts exhibition, which encompasses an art gallery, print studio and cinema. (click here for website)