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5 Great International Golf Travel Apps

May 8, 2015

Traveling internationally to play golf can be fraught with challenges if you’re disorganized. Fortunately, there are several great apps designed to make your trip more enjoyable, less hectic and leave your mind uncluttered so you can concentrate on making lots of birdies. Here are five you should consider the next time you cross the pond to tee up:

Evernote — If you truly want to be organized, don’t leave home without this valuable app. You can keep track of all your photos, notes and websites as well as hotel reservations, flight information and important contacts. It makes it easy to clip web articles, capture handwritten notes and organize your photos while traveling.

Jet Lag App — Nothing will send your golf game into a downward spiral like jet lag. This app helps you reduce the effects of this dreaded malady. It offers directions on how to reduced the symptoms by detailing how to adjust your sleeping pattern before traveling as well as providing various tips on combating jet lag.

Snapseed — Taking great photos of golf courses is one of the great joys of international travel. This phenomenal app makes its easy to edit and touch up photos quickly so they’ll be ready to show to your family and friends once you arrive back home.

Travelsmart Mobile App — Is there anything worse than getting sick on an international trip? This global medical advisor will help you feel better with features such as emergency numbers at your destination, first aid terms in multiple languages, an international drug dictionary with translations and a comprehensive list of reputable hospitals by country.

XE Currency Converter — Say goodbye to all the guessing and estimating. This app presents rates on all world currencies and precious metals, access to currency graphs for historical rates and live rates updates every 60 seconds.