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10 Reasons Women (and Men) Should Attend Solheim Cup 2019

June 29, 2018
Solheim Cup

Exciting…passionate…patriotic…there are lots of ways to describe the Solheim Cup, golf’s preeminent international women’s competition. Set for September 13 to 15 in 2019 at Gleneagles in Scotland, here are reasons you absolutely should attend:

1. Be part of a world-class female competition event

First played in 1990, the Solheim Cup has evolved into a spectacular international event that celebrates the game of golf for women. It’s the perfect blend of passion, patriotism, phenomenal golf and adrenaline-pumping excitement. What makes the Solheim Cup unique is it allows the fans to vociferously support their team with a frivolity and purpose not prevalent at other events.

2. Enjoy camaraderie with golf-loving women

The Solheim Cup not only unifies our team, but also our fans. You’ll meet lots of like-minded, golf-loving fans from both teams on the course and at nearby pubs and restaurants during Solheim Cup week. It’s great time to meet other people who share your devotion to golf.

3. Show your true colors

Fans dress up in the colors associated with their teams and it’s your chance to don red, white and blue in whatever way you enjoy. Whether it’s a crazy hat, earrings or bracelet, face paint or a head-to-toe Uncle Sam outfit, anything goes at the Solheim Cup.

4. Fun, frivolity and an all-round great time

The Solheim Cup has been described as the women’s version of the Ryder Cup. It’s similar, yes, but there’s also a unique and different vibe. You’ll enjoy lots of fun and unabashed excitement as fans dress up in crazy costumes and cheer on their teams with chants and songs. The Solheim has a very festive atmosphere with a female flair and it’s truly a celebration of women’s golf.

5. Watch the best players in the world

Both teams are comprised of automatic qualifiers and captain’s picks. It’s a prestigious honor to make a Solheim Cup so the players want to be at the top of their game. The high level of competition for national pride elevates performance and fans witness some exceptional shot making.

6. Walking the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles

Opened in 1993, the Jack Nicklaus designed layout is set on stunning Perthshire countryside. Nicklaus masterfully routed the course to make every hole visually appealing and challenging. The Golden Bear uses his signature features like huge undulating greens, bold bunkers and several high risk/high reward holes to create drama and anxiety for players.

7. Can the American Women Three-Peat?

Following victories in Heidelberg, Germany (2015) and Des Moines, Iowa (2017), our U.S.A. team will be going for three in a row in 2019. Juli Inkster, who captained the other two wins, will again lead our team at Gleneagles. Team U.S.A. lost in 2011 and 2013 before the streak began.

8. Experience the tension and drama of international competition

The matches are scheduled from Friday through Sunday and the format is designed to create great competition, excitement and drama. On each of the first two days, a total of eight matches are played over two, four-match sessions featuring two different types of two-man match-play matches. On the final day, a total of 12 matches are played in one session. All 12 players from each side are blindly submitted before Sunday play, slotted by match position. It’s classic match play, with the player winning the most holes winning the match and a full point. If the match is even after 18 holes, then the match is halved and each team earns 0.5 points.

9. Explore a wonderful part of Scotland

A stately 850-acre resort complex in central Scotland near the village of Aucterarder, Gleneagles is located about a 70-minute drive from St. Andrews. Among the nearby sights are Drummond Castle at Crieff, Scone Palace, Blair Castle, Stirling Castle, Elcho Castle, Dunblane Cathedral and National Wallace Monument (Braveheart).

10. Create lifelong memories

With a combination of world-class golf competition and the Scottish good life of great pubs, restaurants and sights, you have the ideal elements for a golf vacation that’ll reward you with warm, lifelong memories to be enjoyed again every time you peruse your pictures and videos in the future.

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