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Sunset at Bandon Dunes

TRAVEL TIPS: What to Pack for a Golf Trip to Oregon

August 1, 2018

Coastal Oregon and it’s ever changing weather patterns is waiting for you.

The most popular place in Oregon for golf vacationers is Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern Oregon coast. It’s amazing how similar this area is in weather and terrain to great seaside golf course regions in Ireland and Scotland. The unpredictable climate is very similar, too. A sunny summer day can quickly turn into a windy and rainy challenge in a matter of minutes.

To enhance your experience playing golf on the coast in Oregon, here are some items to bring:

An Ample Supply of Golf Balls

The tall grasses and gorse framing the fairways, lush forests and strategically placed bunkers at Bandon Dunes courses will tend to gobble up your ball inventory rather quickly, especially if you’re not on your “A” game. Throw in the sometimes strong winds in the summer and constant rains during the winter and the challenge is really cranked up. Take a few extra sleeves, you won’t regret it.

Top-Quality Golf Shoes and Socks

Bandon Dunes is walking-only so you’ll be putting in lots of miles strolling the fairways. Bring some comfortable, well broken-in golf shoes and extra premium quality socks. Remember too, you won’t be walking a straight flat land, rather you’ll be climbing small hills and mounds on sometimes rugged terrain. Absolutely never break in a new pair of shoes at Bandon Dunes and it’s a great idea to bring two pairs of shows in case one gets wet.

Warm Layer Clothing (Even in Summer)

The chilly mornings at Bandon Dunes can be a real eye-opener for first timers. During the winter months, morning average temps range from 8 degrees in December to 14 degrees in February. Even during the summer months (June, July and August), the average temperature in the morning is around 35 degrees. If you have an early morning tee time, you definitely need to layer adequately and make sure you have warm socks and a beanie. A windbreaker is a must to combat the blustery winds at Bandon Dunes. Typically, the summer winds are at least two clubs strong. During the summer, some players will wear shorts as the afternoon temperatures are in the 60 to 68 degree range, however, the conditions can change rather quickly. Long pants can be worn comfortably year round.

Rain Gear

High-quality rain gear is imperative because the rain and strong winds combine to make things miserable for the poor sap who thinks he can successfully battle the elements in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Investing in a pair of rain gloves is also a good idea. They make it much easier to play in extremely wet conditions. Don’t forget your umbrella, too.

A Fully Charged Cell Phone or Small Camera

The southern Oregon coast is absolutely breathtaking and the views from the golf courses toward the Pacific Ocean are worth sharing with your friends and family when you return or if you want to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.