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The Duce at Pinehurst

5 Delicious Golf Food Trends

November 13, 2018

Improved Halfway House Offerings

Not too long ago, a hot dog, hamburger or grilled cheese was about all you could expect at a halfway house. Oh, how things have changed! High on the list of don’t miss delicacies are the slow smoked, pulled pork BBQ sandwich at Streamsong Resort in Polk County, Florida, the Sheboygan Bratwurst at Blackwolf Run in Kohler, Wisconsin and the bacon and egg sandwich on a ciabatta roll at Spyglass Hill in Pebble Beach. For breakfast, some courses offer fresh fruit, yogurt and granola in takeaway containers.

Creative and Healthy Clubhouse Restaurant Selections

Today, your burger at the clubhouse grill is likely a high-grade, fresh patty made from grass-fed beef topped with organic tomatoes and lettuce from a local farm and your grilled chicken sandwich might be range-free chicken with a light, olive oil-based mayonnaise. A celebratory steak is still in order after a great round, but now the choices go well beyond filet mignon, New York strip and rib-eyes. Increasingly, chefs are offering innovative preparations of hangar steaks and flat-iron steaks. Ethnic foods ranging from sushi to empanadas, tamales and Cuban sandwiches are finding their ways on menus, too. For breakfast, popular healthy choices include frittatas and omelets wrapped in flatbread or artisan breads.

More Healthy Options at Golf Outings

Golfers have expanded their palates to include healthy choices like pasta salad, hummus, multi-grain breads and smoothies. Lower-fat options such as turkey and veggie burgers and lower-sodium hot dogs and sausages are becoming more commonplace at golf courses and outings. Selections like wraps and veggie trays give golfers more ways to eat foods with less fat and salt.

Expanded Drink Offerings

Nowadays, we’re seeing just as many mixologists as bartenders. Original, customized cocktails are all the rage as are local craft beers. You’ll find micro-brewery beers at the clubhouse as well as on the concession cart at most golf resorts and clubs these days. Increasingly in popular, too, are fresh juice bars and smoothie stations featuring wheatgrass and vitamin boosters. Never out of style is an “Arnold Palmer” that perfect blend of ice tea and lemonade originated by Arnie. For whiskey lovers, more clubs feature a wider variety of Scotch whiskeys and on-site whiskey tastings.

Masters Tournament Favorites

Whether it’s a golf tournament outing or a Masters watch party, it’s popular these days to recreate some the amazing food you get at the Masters. Among the favorites to try and duplicate are the pimento cheese sandwich, egg salad sandwich, Green Jacket salad, Augusta National Green Jacket Salad and the Masters Peach Ice Cream Sandwich.