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The Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland

Top 5 Things to do in St. Andrews on Your Next Golf Trip

January 9, 2014
St. Andrews

Don’t make the common mistake thinking St. Andrews is just a golf destination. In fact, many visitors to this ancient Scottish city don’t even play golf. St. Andrews has been recognized as the “Home of Golf” for a few hundred years but that’s nothing compared to its 604 year old relationship with academics at the University of St. Andrews. The village of St. Andrews is a melting pot of great pubs, excellent restaurants, quaint shops, ancient architecture and friendly people and you should enjoy all of these on your golf vacation.

Premier golf travel experts have spent lots of time enjoying and exploring every aspect of St. Andrews. Here are some great ideas for a day out on the town:

St. Andrews University – St. Andrews has the oldest University in the English speaking world after Oxford and Cambridge. Founded in 1410, St. Andrews University has a beautiful campus with perfectly groomed lawns and ancient stone architecture. Take a walk around campus and cherish the history of academia that surrounds this University. (click here for website)

British Golf Museum – If you’re a golf history buff and want to learn about the “origins of the game” the British Golf Museum should be at the top of your list. Here you’ll find 16,000 items, everything from old wood sticks they used to call golf clubs to shiny trophies made from silver. It’s fascinating to learn how far the game of golf has come since its humble beginnings. (click here for website)

The Royal & Ancient – Take the time to sit on a bench and admire the Royal & Ancient Golf Club which overlooks the first and the last holes of the Old Course. It’s a truly humbling experience for all golfers. Even if you’ve played the Old Course, it’s always a fun experience to relax and watch nervous visitors play the 18th. After your inspiring tour of the R&A walk down Links Road and take a picture by the Swilcan Bridge. It’s a priceless moment in time you’ll want remember with a photo. (click here for website)

Fisher & Donaldson Bakery – If you’re in the mood for a snack while walking around St. Andrews, stop by Fisher & Donaldson’s Bakery and have a fudge donut, which is as delicious as it sounds. This bakery also produces a range of breads, rolls, truffles, pastries, fudge and cakes.

St. Andrews Cathedral – Built in 1158 this cathedral was the tallest structure in all of Scotland for more than 600 years. Imagine how massive this church must have seemed to people living in the 11th and 12th centuries. Old Tom Morris is buried on the grounds here and its good form for every golfer to visit his grave and pay their respects. After all, Old Tom did help popularize the game we’ve all come to love.