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7 Travel Tips You Need to Know When Attending a Ryder Cup

April 8, 2014
Ryder Cup

Be a smart spectator — If possible, get to the first tee on Sunday to insure yourself a seat to see the singles matches tee off. Find a good viewing location on the back nine ahead of play and let all the matches come to you. The roar of the crowd and the give and take between the European and American fans is something you will never forget. Remember to wear your red, white and blue and be prepared to be loud. There will be leader boards and/or video boards throughout the course. Make sure your viewing location has access to one of them if the match closes out early because it may not reach the last few holes. Also, we recommend buying your Ryder Cup merchandise early to ensure the best selection. You may encounter lines at check out so be patient. This is an away match and you need to make up for Euro fans’ strength in numbers.

Meet other people — The Ryder Cup is a team event both on and off the golf course! In your hotel and on the golf course, make an effort to meet other people. Everyone is passionate about golf and you may be surprised at the great relationships (perhaps long term) you’ll develop.

Know your history — Few people like to read history books, but we highly recommend that you surf the web and at least visit Wikipedia before attending a Ryder Cup. Knowing the history and traditions will add immeasurable enjoyment to your overall Ryder Cup experience. There are several books devoted to Ryder Cup history. Take some time to know your history.

Know the format — Sporting events aren’t much fun to watch when you have no clue what’s happening. The first two days are divided into morning and afternoon sessions, Fourball (better ball) and Foursomes (alternating shot). The captains must choose the pairings and who will sit out each session. On the final day, Sunday, the captains must choose the order in which their team will go out for the singles matches in which everybody plays. Neither captain knows the order of the opposing team. Do a little homework on the format and you’ll have a better appreciation for the strategy and drama of the Ryder Cup.

Buy a portable radio — People still use portable radios? Yes, we suggest purchasing the portable radios available at the course so that you can hear the tournament being broadcast live and can keep up with the play. They usually sell out, so make sure you purchase early.

Use the free grandstands — If you’re a passionate Ryder Cup fan you’ll probably be cheering loudly and following each group closely. This can be exhausting, which is why we tell all our clients to use the free grandstands located throughout the course. You can refer to your spectator guide for exact locations.

Travel to the Ryder Cup with Premier Golf —  As the official distributor of Ryder Cup travel packages for The PGA of America, Premier Golf has offered packages to every Ryder Cup since 1991. In 2014, it will be the 12th consecutive Ryder Cup for us, and it only gets more exciting and more emotional. For those of you who have traveled with us over the years and experienced the electricity and drama of The Ryder Cup, we share some very special memories.