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18 Ways Resort Hotels Are Adapting to Covid-19

June 26, 2020
Premier Golf

Hotels are doing everything possible to make sure guests feel safe during these uncertain times. They’ve put a strong emphasis on cleanliness, innovative sanitation procedures and reducing contact areas.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see at resort hotels – and many other hotels – for that matter:

1. Contactless check-in and check-out.

2. Companies like Hilton and Marriott are utilizing electrostatic sprays and ultraviolet technology to disinfect.

3. Pillow protectors changed daily.

4. Used linens are removed after a single use.

5. More towels in bathrooms so they’ll last longer.

6. Gloves and wipes in bathrooms alongside toiletries.

7. Furniture spread out in lobbies and other common areas to discourage guests congregating.

8. Limiting the number of guests in elevators.

9. Encourage in-room dining without additional charges.

10. Instead of mini-bars, some hotels are offering maxi-bars, where all items are ordered and pre-paid, which they’ll stock on a guest-by-guest basis.

11. Portable bar set-ups so guests can get grab-and-go-cocktails to take to their room.

12. No magazines or menus in rooms.

13. No items in rooms that are difficult to disinfect such as notepads, pamphlets and pens.

14. Prohibiting access to public ice machines.

15. More emphasis on spa services that require minimal human contact such as float tanks, infrared saunas and cryotherapy machines.

16. Some spas will remove facials from their spa menu or limit them.

17. Promotion at spas of more outdoor activities such as yoga sessions, guided meditative hikes.

18. Requests for bike exercise phenomenon Peloton and Mirror, an interactive, digital fitness trainer that looks like a full-length mirror, are expected to increase as an in-room amenity.