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Bill Hogan

5 Great Reasons for a 2020 Golf Road Trip

June 23, 2020
Premier Golf

You should take a golf road trip this year.

Yes, we’re talking to you Mr. & Mrs. golf traveler seeking a golf adventure without flying.

Here’s why you should pack up your car, SUV or RV with your clubs and luggage and hit the highways:

1. Driving Is Less of a Hassle Than Flying

Domestic air travel is only gradually inching back to normal during these still uncertain times. With new boarding processes, mask requirements and fewer non-stop flights right now, flying is more stressful and less appealing to many people. Riding in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle cruising along with your playlist or perhaps listening to a podcast just seems like the ideal way to travel at this time.

2. Freedom To Enjoy the Open Road

So many of us have taken to flying everywhere in recent years that we’ve forgotten about the wonders of a traditional car, SUV or RV road trip we used to enjoy. Now, instead of glancing down thousands of feet up in the air at our great country, you can immerse in the experience and savor whatever you like. You can stop at a down home barbecue joint, buy a watermelon on the side of the road, shop for antiques or maybe even tee up at a local muni in a small town. A road trip gives you the ultimate freedom to create wonderful memories.

3. Great Nearby Golf Courses Within Driving Distance

There are over 14,000 golf courses in the U.S. so the menu is large enough that you don’t have to drive far to reach a great golf course and/ or resort. For instance, if you live in Atlanta, Hilton Head Island is only 247 miles away and World Golf Village, home to the World Golf Hall of Fame, is 413 miles away. If you live in Boston, you can drive to Bethpage State Park in less than five hours and Turning Stone Resort in under six hours. Check out some other great possibilities at Tee Up Stateside – Driving to Play By USA Golf Region.

4. U.S.A. Golf Courses and Resorts Are Glad to See You

It has been a rough few months for everyone in the tourist and travel business in the U.S. and they’re excited to have golfers returning to play. Hotel properties reopening have instituted enhanced disinfecting protocols such as electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet-technology, more sanitizer stations in communal areas and contact-free check-in and room access to name a few of the efforts offered to ensure guest safety. Golf courses have adapted with a variety of social distancing measures like staying at least six feet apart, leaving the flag in, only taking credit cards instead of money, mandatory rules for masks to be worn in the clubhouse at some courses and encouraging elbow bumps instead of handshakes at the end of a round.

5. You’re Helping Propel Our Economy

Everybody wants to get back to normal as quick as we can, especially with the economy. By traveling in the U.S. you’ll help increase cash flow for golf courses and resorts (as well as gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants along the way), escalate sales tax revenues and help create more jobs as formerly furloughed workers return to work due to the presence of you and other visitors.